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Hello all!

Tue 01 Mar 2011, 6:33 pm by Walker

I see you've found your way to the new (hopeful) home of The 42nd!

A definitive place for members and supporters of The 42nd Spec Ops Bn to go has been lacking for some years now; websites have come and gone like the... well... something that comes and goes often.

But! I've taken it upon myself to go forth and create! Lo and behold, this is what came out.

Yes, the domain name is meh, and …

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    Katarina, Kassadin, Ezreal/support, Tryndamere


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    Katarina, Kassadin, Ezreal/support, Tryndamere Empty Katarina, Kassadin, Ezreal/support, Tryndamere

    Post by Niarbeht on Thu 28 Jul 2011, 4:40 am

    Top: Katarina?
    Mid: Kassadin
    Bottom: Ezreal, Support (Sona? Taric? Janna?)
    Jungle: Tryndamere
    -- Reasoning --

    Top-lane positives: Positive notes.
    Top-lane negatives: Negative notes.

    Mid-lane positives: Positive notes.
    Mid-lane negatives: Negative notes.

    Bottom-lane positives: Positive notes.
    Bottom-lane negatives: Negative notes.

    Jungle positives: Positive notes.
    Jungle negatives: Negative notes.

    Overall positives: Positive notes.
    Overall negatives: Negative notes.

    Other notes: This is incomplete. It's a work-in-progress. My primary reasoning here is to have a high-speed team with a lot of flashes/flash-like things to get in and out of fights quickly. Hit-and-run, harass, that sort of thing. The plan is to work them down, then strike them in such a way that retreat is not an option. Please comment.

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