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Hello all!

Tue 01 Mar 2011, 6:33 pm by Walker

I see you've found your way to the new (hopeful) home of The 42nd!

A definitive place for members and supporters of The 42nd Spec Ops Bn to go has been lacking for some years now; websites have come and gone like the... well... something that comes and goes often.

But! I've taken it upon myself to go forth and create! Lo and behold, this is what came out.

Yes, the domain name is meh, and …

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    Brand, Malzahar, Vayne/Support, Amumu


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    Brand, Malzahar, Vayne/Support, Amumu Empty Brand, Malzahar, Vayne/Support, Amumu

    Post by Tenacity on Mon 11 Jul 2011, 3:36 pm

    Another Build Idea:

    Top: Brand (must run full mpen runes with vit seals)
    Mid: Malzahar (moar degen and suppress)
    Bot: Vayne (true damage on top of brand's 2% degen passive = win!) or other AD-carry with Sona, Soraka, or even Janna (janna slows epic in this if the AD carry can be fine w/ no heals, but is why she's 3rd string
    Jungle: Amumu (ulti keeps enemy team in place for brand pillar placement/ulti bouncing HEAVEN, also for vayne condemns, situationally)

    Minor negative detail: vayne + brand must be aware of each other/careful. condemning away from brand aoe or skill shot stun, etc will be tragic D:<

    Throw in ideas for alternatives or even diff, setups but, that's a nightmare of an idea, imo >.>

    EDIT: Alternatively, Brand mid and like a morde up top or somethin would work too, but brand having more room for sear and such works better i think than at mid

    Runes for said champs (as i run them anyways):

    Brand - MPen all minus hp/lvl seals

    Malzahar - (looking at tharris's rune page)
    Mpen Marks
    Mp5 seals
    Ap/lvl glyphs (1 mpen glyph)
    Flat AP Quints

    Vayne -
    Armor Pen Marks
    Flat Armor Seals
    Flat or Scaling MR Glyphs (preference, i like scaling, just dont have em yet)
    Flat Damage Quints or Armor Pen Quints

    Amumu -
    Mpen Marks
    Flat Armor Seals
    Scaling MR Glyphs (i have flat, see above reason)
    Flat Health Quints

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